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OneOdio A71 PC Headsets with Boom Mic – Office Over Ear Wired Headphones for Business Meeting Skype Call Center Phone Laptop Gaming PS4 Xbox One, Headsets with Volume Control and Share-Port?

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25th Jan 2022

Lol, I kind of have it as my hobby, so when I have time, I’d love to just make random stuff for you to listen to, lol.

Here it is

Let me know what you think. It’s rather simple.

Also, if you ever want to get into voice acting or voice recording at all,

then your main friends will be Audacity, Voicemod, and these headphones.

The headphones have great quality sound and a fantastic mic when paired with Voicemod.

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21st Jun 2021

Edit: Just realized that Oneodio/oneauio has the A71 in headset form. 668B is probally a better option, but this is cheaper. I see mixed reviews for it in headset form, but the og A71 is great and if this is just that but with a boom mic than it is good.

No. I reccomend getting the Superlux 668B and using a cheap desktop mic or antlion modmic. Only headsets I would ever reccomend (with my current knowledge) are HyperX Cloud series, Coolermaster MH751/MH752, and Senhessier Game One/PC37X/PC38X

Oneodio/Oneaudio A71 Headset


U.S.A: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0818YMXRX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_i_3ADHMS50T5MP0DCDC3VB