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One by Wacom student drawing tablet for Windows PC, Mac and certified Works With Chromebook, medium?

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30th Jan 2022


I’m an artist who started 3 months ago, does that counts? I made a thread here explaining a bit of my lore.

So, what you should do first? Perhaps define what kind of art do you want to produce.

  • Look for the corresponding subreddits of the art (painting, realism, cartoon, manga, etc)
  • Lurk. Lurk a lot. I mean, read everything, especially FAQs and such
  • Get the corresponding materials that you gonna need. For painting, canvases and paints. For manga, some paper, a pencil and an eraser might help you. If you gonna go for the digital art, a drawing tablet is 100 bucks more or less.
  • Buy a few courses on Udemy – they are a great start and go for $5 to 8$ on sales days. I recommend this one: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-ultimate-drawing-course-beginner-to-advanced/
  • Domestika also has several courses, depending of the art you are aiming at
  • Don’t give up. The road ahead might be harsh, but it’s very well rewarding. Please, don’t give up. I will be there to help you with anything!

There’s no such thing as talent for art. There is aptitude, of course, but mostly is practice.

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23rd Oct 2021

I’m pretty sure it’s the medium one, this should be the link:


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22nd Oct 2021

It’s this one:

The drawing pad is a separate device, I just nestle it in there because limited desk space. The drawing pad is this one: