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Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor; 100-Reading Memory with Heart Zone Guidance and UltraSilent Inflation by Omron?

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24th Feb 2016

I got this wrist cuff after a somewhate embarrassing visit to L&D (embarrassing as in when I got there after being in urgent care everything was fine). The CNM there and my OB said it was fine if it helps me feel better to be able to check on my own. I’ve only used it once to check that it worked when I got it and then put it away until the next time I’m feeling funky.

I asked about the accuracy with home cuffs (arm and wrist) and was told they are close enough these days when used properly. A wrist cuff was recommended just for ease of use.

Edit – Oh, and the one I got is super quiet. Not that I needed that, but I’m amazed at how quiet it is!

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11th Dec 2015

Want to be 99% sure you’re healthy during a trip?


$45. Accuracy is very close to what doctors use. Sit down near a table or other flat surface, slip it on, press start, and it does all the work for you.

If your resting blood pressure and heart rate are reasonable (blood pressure below ~140/85, heart rate below 140), then you know you’re fine and can carry on safely. Do it about 5 times on a normal sober day to know your usual levels.

It’s normal for many drugs to raise blood pressure and heart rate though, so don’t be too paranoid about it. You’d only have to really worry about it if blood pressure is starting to rise over 155/100 for more than a few minutes. If that happens and you start feeling very light-headed and unable to think, then you know it’s time to get help.

Same goes for if it’s less than 90/60, especially if your usual blood pressure is much higher.

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19th May 2015

this is the one I have


You have to stay still and hold your wrist over your heart to get an accurate measurement. Moving around will fuck it up.

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27th Mar 2015

Congrats on -10 lbs!

Don’t be scared, that will just heighten your anxiety which will raise your blood pressure right before you test it. Look, it is whatever it is! It’s not something you like or dislike. It’s not your judge, it’s just a condition. If you’ve got high BP, you have it whether you measure it or not or whether you know it or not. Not knowing is not preventing it. Hope will not affect it.


This is what we bought. I suggest you test it frequently until you get over your fears of seeing it. It’s just data. Knowing your BP and getting used to testing it can only help you. Do it when you’re just sitting there calmly for a while, pull it out and test. Keep a pad nearby and write down your results. Ultimately, you’ll want to test once a week or so. Being calm about it when it’s tested is going to improve the readout. If you still get anxious during a BP test in the doctor’s office (resulting in a high false reading), you can show your calm home results to the doctor for comparison.

My spouse was on meds for BP. He was and is a ritual exerciser. He lost about 15 lbs. and was able to cut the dose in half.

I was not a ritual exerciser. I had a very high BMI, much higher than the spouse, but was only on the edge of needing BP meds. I’ve lost a lot of weight and my BP is even lower and no longer borderline.

We both walk for exercise now. 3-4 times a week, for 30+ minutes usually. Nothing much.

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24th Mar 2018

I have this little Omron 7 series wrist cuff. It’s very easy to use by yourself and I find it fast and accurate. Amazon has the best price I’ve seen.

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8th Jan 2015

Runkeeper and a Google Docs spreadsheet. Using this to monitor heart rate and BP.