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28th Nov 2012

For piece of mind just take measurements; get an arm cuff and stethoscope.
You can show her all the reading material you want, but in the end, just monitor yourself for a while with a cuff.

I had the same feeling as your GF but for myself. Personally had some borderline high BP (nothing through the roof, so I dunno where you’re at right now but I started at 225lb with BP over 130/80 which is certainly unhealthy), so I monitored it for piece of mind. Take readings around same time every day, sometimes couple times a day. Missed a day once in a while, but just look for averages. Also, I visited my doctor after 2 months then 2 months after that. (After a year I got actual blood work done and there was very clear noticeable improvement in all areas, all into the healthy range)

So from my narrow experience, you should be fine and even improve. There’s tons of stuff you can read. But for actual piece of mind, number don’t lie so just monitor your stuff for $20-$50. Maybe even see your doctor after a bit and let him know what you’re doing.

You can get a digital one too, the one frequently recommended by my doctor’s assistant was Omron brand.

I never used those, I used manual ones, super easy. Takes 5 minutes to learn, super clear. If you got bigishhhh arms (if you used to workout, have fair bicep muscles), make sure you get a large cuff, or else it reads kinda high or inconsistent.

Keto seems fine for heart. Measure blood pressure with cuff. See doctor with follow up after a couple months for him/her to directly check your BP. Let em’ know what your reading averages are.