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Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Queen Steel Slat, No Box Spring Needed, Black?

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9th Jan 2019

I’ve got a few! This is what I could go off of, but if you provide more pictures it would help.


BED: With tiny studios like this, you wanna think height! The best place to start is with your bed. If you get an extra tall storage bed, it allows you to store more things underneath (such as cleaning supplies, seasonal items, and even pet areas such as a bed). I recommend this guy, as I used it for years: Olee Sleep 18 inch metal bed frame

Aesthetically, a bed skirt can make the place feel much smaller than it is, or more cramped. You want to see breathable room on the legs of furniture to make it feel less cramped.

CLOSET + WARDROBE: I think you could benefit from installing a ceiling wardrobe solution example and pairing it with a long, low dresser example

A fun, interesting DIY solution that saves a little money is buying 3 of the RAST series from IKEA and line a wall with it to maximize storage that isn’t just clothing. RAST Chest of Drawers.

DESK + ENTERTAINMENT: An easy way to elevate space is to mount your TV on the wall. If that doesn’t work / isn’t allowed, keeping it on a dresser as opposed to what appears to be a desk will be a better usage of space.

Honestly? If you buy four dressers and line one wall with them, you can get away with storing a lot of things in a way that is easy and out of site, while giving the room a uniform appearance. If you need a desk, find a corner you can build up in, and add shelving.

MISC: Shelves! By god, a line of shelves will do wonders for both decor and storage. All those plants would be adorable in two lateral shelves by the window.

LIGHTING: I’m usually not a gigantic fan of fairy lights everywhere, but it doesn’t look like you have enough sources of light. When you want a room to feel dimensional and cozy, you want at least three sources of light to change the mood. If you did a line of soft white lights along the corner of the wall and ceiling over the entire bedroom, that would provide a soft ambient light for you and make things feel less dark.

I can’t really say much else due to lack of phots on the wall opposite of the wardrobe and tv area, but those are my initial suggestions. Essentially, tall furniture for beds and chairs, long, low furniture for mega storage.

I’d rearrange the room for this if that were the case. If you don’t have a kitchen area, finding a baker’s rack and putting your food stuff can carve out a little “area” for yourself as well.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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22nd Aug 2021

Plenty of stuff an Amazon similar to
this which is a combination box spring and bed frame