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20th Jun 2019

Sure! I have closed comedones like you on my chin and a few on my cheeks, and usually only got inflamed acne a little bit around my period. I started the tret both for the clogged pores and for the anti-aging benefits. I did a TON of research before i started with the tret and my routine may be overkill but I’ve not had any irritation or awful purging and my skin feels great, so I’m really happy with it. And i used all of this products in some capacity before starting the tret so I knew they were all compatible with my skin! The only new thing I introduced was the tret.

AM routine

  • Olay Luminous Miceller Water – to take off the vaseline from the night before, it has niacinamide and peptides, not great as a micellar water for taking off makeup but a nice refresher in the morning instead of fully cleansing twice a day which i find too stripping for my skin

  • Numis-Med 5% Urea Day Cream – found this on amazon, it’s German but cheap and i like it a lot, it has urea, shea butter, squalane, hyaluronic acid. It has some sunscreen in it but doesn’t list a rating? I used it as a night cream too for a while before I realized that!! Urea is apparently a powerhouse ingredient for hydrating your skin and maintaining your moisture barrier.

  • Biore Watery Essence Sunscreen – Probably the most recommended sunscreen on SkinCareAddiction, it’s cheap and feels great and works great and doesn’t break me out, no complaints. I wear sunscreen every day now even when it’s rainy because it’s just like another face product! SUPER important for tret use to make sure you have a sunscreen you will wear every day.

  • Makeup – usually just an oil absorbing translucent powder because otherwise i get greasy at midday. Coty airspun.

PM Routine

  • Cleanse

  • Lock in hydration and buffer – light moisturizers – I mix two pumps of each of these in my hand and apply on my face while it’s still wet after washing

    • Scinic Honey AIO – love love love! Honey, propolis, royal jelly, niacinamide, licorice. Soothing, healing, hydrating, brightening.
    • COSRX Snail Mucin – not sure how much this helps but it feels really nice on my face! Seems to speed healing too. Very mucusy though, unsurprisingly.
    • Cetaphil Daily Hydrating – more urea, and hyaluronic acid, in a very light, refreshing gel-like base.
  • Tret gel 0.025% – after waiting 20 mins or so until face is totally dry before applying

  • Lock everything in- heavier moisturizers

    • Eucerin 5% Urea – more urea, shea butter, lots of emollients. Very heavy duty cream.
    • Vaseline – just a thin layer to seal everything in overnight, the best product for preventing TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). The only time i’ve had flaking so far is after two days in a row of skipping the vaseline step because i thought it was overkill!