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21st Feb 2021

Back in the day (e.g. Jan 2020) when I worked in an office I used to sit on a Haworth Zody 89. It seemed suitable. Ergonomically, it’s adjustable in the right ways. For about 10 years I have suffered (every 2 years or so) with nerve pain in my arms, caused by upper-torso inflexibility and exacerbated by sitting coding for long periods. Also around the office I see a lot of chairs with split coverings on the arm rests. So maybe the materials on the Zody are not that great.

When the pandemic caused everybody in my shop to have to work from home, I realised that continuing to use my £25 Office Depot typist’s chair (similar to this one) would be a bad plan. So I actually did buy an Aeron.

Relatedly or not, I haven’t had nerve pain since, despite actually sitting in that chair for more hours per day than I would have done in the office (because I no longer get up and walk around to get to meetings, or have meetings in a different chair).