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Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair,Komene High Back Adjustable Headrest Computer Chair Breathable Mesh Executive Chair with Lumbar Support and Flip UP Armrest Task Chair for Home Office Conference?

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12th Feb 2021

I recently bought this one and really like it so far. The ergonomics are fantastic and after sitting in it all day from work I dont feel the same pains as I did with my old $40 amazon special. It also was one of the ones that Gamers Nexus really liked.

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28th Jun 2021

That’s great that you love your chair and it’s comfortable for you, but for me personally, they are definitely overpriced. I don’t say that because the quality is lacking or anything, what I mean is that the value just isn’t there. So much of what SecretLab charges for is that aesthetic, and that’s just not important to me when it comes to a chair.

The Komene mesh chair I’m sitting in currently goes for $240 on Amazon in the US, but often goes on sale below $200. It is extremely comfortable and so far has proven durable, but it looks like every other bland Herman Miller Aeron knockoff on the market. It’s of much higher quality than similarly-priced “gaming” chairs, putting it more in-line with something like a SecretLab, a statement backed up by both companies offering a 5 Year Limited Warranty; but the cheapest chair SecretLab offers is currently $329.