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Office Chair Computer Desk Chair PU-Padded Adjustable Exectuive High-Back Cushion Lumbar Support Chair with Armrest – Brown?

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17th Apr 2018

Get him a chair!

  • Accessibility: Anyone can shop for a chair. You don’t need to get into hardcore gaming specs to pick a really good chair.

  • Price: A really good chair is a lot cheaper than a really good graphics card. You want to get him something nice, right? You can pick up a quality desk chair for under $100. You can find computer parts for under $100, too, but it’s not going to be nice.

  • Utility: Everyone needs a chair. Chairs are extremely useful and can really improve your computing experience. A lot of people neglect this point, and if your boyfriend spends a lot of time at his desk then a good chair is a must-have. I started having back pains in the morning after using a lazyboy for a desk chair for 6 months (indulgent, I know, but it happened to be the only comfy chair available for the job). It was so bad one morning that I went and ordered a new chair from Amazon the next day. I don’t regret it at all.

The Chair I ordered. It’s a great chair for a reasonable price. It’s great for my back and tall enough for my frame (I’m 6’2″), and really comfortable to boot. Better chairs are certainly available. If I were to get a better one, I would want the same thing with comfy leather like I have at the office.

  • Appreciation: If he doesn’t already have a good desk chair then he will really like this gift, guaranteed. It’s hard to mess up buying a chair. You could get him something like a keyboard, which is also easy to shop for and very useful, but keyboards are hit or miss with particular tastes. He might like it, or he might not–there’s so much variety with keyboards and other useful affordable desk accessories that you might get him the wrong one. There’s not a whole lot of variety with chairs, and they all do pretty much the same thing.