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OdorStop OS500 – Heavy Duty HEPA Air Scrubber, 250-500CFM, 1/3 HP, GFCI Outlet, 25′ Yellow Cord with Lighted End and Roto-Molded Unbreakable Housing?

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2nd Sep 2017

I got one of these on a discounted offer used but like new on Amazon. I took it apart, cleaned the hell out of it and changed the filters. I subscribe to the same principle of “filter, re-filter, re-re-filter” that u/ClardicFug described above. Since it can handle 500 CFM, letting it run for a couple hours each day, or when I’m vacuuming, cleans the whole house and keeps me from sneezing my lungs out. No more itchy eyes or throat. It’s not as loud as you might think, but still loud enough I can’t be in the same room while it’s running for very long. That’s an inconvenience, but like I say, I only run it a couple of hours a day. By then end of a cycle, all the air in my house has gone through the thing 3 times. When I vacuum, I let it run the whole time I’m cleaning and an additional two hours (I use hearing protection on those days).

You know, the more I describe this the more I realize this thing only works out so well for me because I’m single. I doubt someone living with me would tolerate needing to use hearing protection once a week on cleaning days. :-/

Whatever, I like my setup and it’s very effective.