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Obinslab Anne 2 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% True RGB Backlit – Wired/Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 PBT Type-c Up to 8 Hours Extended Battery Life, Full Keys Programmable (Gateron Blue, White)?

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17th Sep 2021

Aaaaaaaand down the rabbit hole of /r/mechanicalkeyboards we go!

It’s already been asked, but does your GF *need* the num pad or arrow keys on a full-sized board? You’ll open up some more options if she’s OK with tenkeyless, or 65% or 60% formats.

Have you tried the different switch types? Blue clicky switches may sound good in theory (see what I did there?), but you may find that they’re annoying in practice because of how loud they are and how much force is required to actuate them. You could get a switch tester that has samples of each of the different kinds to see what sounds/works best for her. For example, I use tactile switches at the office because I like the bump for typing, but can’t stand that bump when gaming and use linear switches at home.

Anyway, here’s what you actually asked for: some fairly well regarded prebuilt (blue switch) boards. Most should also have red/linear and brown/tactile switch options:

Anne Pro 2 (60%)

Ducky One2 SF (65%)

RK987 (TKL)