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Numark DJ I/O | Multi Channel USB 2.0 DJ Audio Interface [2007 Model]?

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14th Jul 2012

Since you already have the controller, you really just need something with two outputs. One for your speakers and one for your headphones. I would say go with the Numark DJ iO. Its cheap, simple ,and gets the job done just fine.


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27th Mar 2013

you’re stupid if you’re paying that for an internal card. Buy something external and professional. Internal cards have a tendency to get crosstalk if improperly shielded, especially if you have a power-hungry graphics card.

I would recommend something meant for DJing. Good quality at an affodable price. Something like this will work well: http://www.amazon.com/Numark-DJ-Multi-Channel-Interface/dp/B000S5Q2EK