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NSdirect 63″ Large Computer Desk,Modern Simple Style PC Table Office Desk Wide Workstation for Study Writing,Gaming and Home Office,Extra 1″ Thicker Wooden Tabletop and Black Metal Frame,Black?

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13th May 2021

Try this one out-my buddy bought one a while ago for his dual 24-inch setup with a Lian Li O11 cased PC and it works fine with some room to spare. Nice and sturdy, decent finish and price.


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25th Aug 2021

Got it off amazon not too long ago. Not the best quality but it gets the job done.

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18th Dec 2020

I cant vouch for quality myself, but ive heard a few people say wayfair has good quality for cheaper price (heard a few with opposing views as well though). I personally bought a desk from here and am waiting for it to arrive. Amazon is a good website for furniture as long as you pay attention to reviews. Same for other websites though, always check reviews!

Here is a few desks with the dimensions you mentioned!

Desk 1 – Wayfair

Desk 2 – Wayfair

Desk 3 – Amazon

Desk 4 – Amazon

Good luck on your search! I don’t know if it fits with your area or wants, but if you want more surface area and can, an L shape desk can be nice. It is what i ordered so id have room for my computer and games as well as my school work and studying.