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NOW Supplements, Vitamin D-3 & K-2, 1,000 IU/45 mcg, Plus Cardiovascular Support*, Supports Bone Health*, 120 Veg Capsules?

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3rd Nov 2016

>Oh, adding a fortified powder in place of a vitamin. That’s, unfortunately, trickier. Certain things are more difficult to supplement around. This vitamin whey right? Vitamin D and panthothenic acid were incorrectly transcribed (one extra zero on each). You’ll want more Vitamin D as well.

Correct. Yeah I wasn’t too worried about D as it’s easy to adjust. Thanks for checking the transcription!

>Vitamin C supplements are common enough. Vitamins D and K are frequently paired together in bone health supplements as well. This is one I’ve used. It comes in capsules which can be opened and added to powder if desired or simply consumed on the side.

Sounds good.

>Niacin, folate, and molybdenum are more difficult to find in targeted supplements. Fortunately I have a few ideas. First, the nutrition information in the People Chow recipe is slightly off. It was compiled from a mix of sources. I recommend the masa entry in the USDA food database. According to that your niacin level is higher than expected. Second, the things you’re missing are in the vitamin whey so you may try adjusting that up while reducing the masa an equal amount. Even at 100g or so it doesn’t quite make it but it takes the values close. Alternatively you could try a small dose of another vitamin on the side. Capsule multivitamins can be broken and added to powder for partial doses with the rest of your meal or taken at intervals.

Interesting. Im surprised that the nutrition info for Masa is off as it’s so popular. Why hasn’t he updated the recipe? Also folate supplements are common, I’ll probably grab one and add it in.

>Lastly, you didn’t mention it but the fiber is a bit off. I’ve found that People Chow responds very well to added fiber and would recommend a small fiber addition to anyone using. Ground psyllium husk in particular is popular.

Yeah I didn’t mention it because it’s so easy to adjust.

>I’ve compiled these recommendation in a recipe copy. It uses the different masa data, retranscribed vitamin whey, 20g more protein powder, and the D3/K2 capsule.

Nice, appreciate it!

>The D3/K2 is probably not all that necessary. You can synthesize D, vitamin K deficiency is so unheard of it was never discovered till someone ran an experiment on chickens. Also the vitamin whey has some. It may be optimal to have more but it will probably not hurt to skip.

I’ll check on sourcing a supplement and may add it depending on cost, bottle size and ease.

The main reason I wanted to do this was because I already have the fortified whey and it’s super cheap at a local store. Looks like it’ll be pretty simple to compensate for its lacking areas and go from there. Moreover it dissolves easily and I dont have any issues with digestion with it, and tasted fine.

I’ll check for d3/k2 and folate supplements and add them as needed and update the recipe you linked!