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NovelKeys x Kailh Cream Switch 4pin RGB SMD Linear 55g Force 5pin mx Clone Switch for Backlit Mechanical Keyboard 50m (Cream Switch x110)?

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13th Jan 2021

There’s not really much of a markup. 90x creams from NK shipped: $65.70 and Amazon prime after (my) taxes: $69.11

You’re not alone here having an aversion to buying creams on Amazon lol but they’re there, in stock, marked up ~$3.40. They used to be shipped by kprepublic from China which took weeks, but now they’re typically fulfilled by amazon which means 1-3 day shipping.

Here’s the listing in case anyone sees this and is interested.

Cream hype has simmered immensely. I don’t think availability will be much of an issue. Even in this post it seems like there’s more dislike of creams than recommendations. I am really curious to see how the community ends up feeling about the box creams.