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Noppoo Choc Mini 84 RGB backlighting NKRO 1ms REALKEY (RK) Technology Programmable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Blue Switches/Black Body)?

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27th Sep 2016

Oh my. I think this has been missing from my life. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a new keyboard for a while and this, also with blues, I think is now my number 1 contender. Actually, maybe this one. I’m not real big into the whole RGB schtick, but I do like my keys to have SOME sort of backlighting.

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24th Feb 2016

Idk if you’re stuck on getting it white but I like this board. It’s rgb and has an extra row of keys around the top and right edge so a little more than a 60%. I love it.

Do you have any examples? I haven’t been able to find one.

Also, surprisingly, I did actually find a 75% keyboard with RGB and cherry blue MX. It’s the noppoo choc mini. Finding sellers for it is a right pain though.

Edit: Well, I have these three sellers (aliexpress, amazon, qtan), but I’m still trying to confirm that they’re RGB.

And thanks for the help so far 🙂