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NKR Multifunctional Digital Audio USB Outside Receive Sound Card Mixer for Network Kara OK Voice Chat Personal Recordings Play Music Movies with Tera Dust Cloth Black?

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10th May 2017

Probably not decent, no, but that cable is not going to be decent too, I might have misused the word ‘proper’ – what i meant that there’s no reason to get an interface stuffed into a cable. It’s going to last less, probably function worse etc. Engineering-wise, intuition says that you have to trade performance/cost to get ‘non-standard’ form factors.

I’d get something like this if I was going that way:

At first I got myself one of these awful 5$ USB cable-converters. It was unusable. I had to add some capacitors that were missing, shielded it with foil, messed for hours with the drivers and the EQ – eventually i got it to sound passable. For torture. But hey, it was 5 bucks, so it lasted me before I got a B3.