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10th Nov 2018

The ease with which you get stretch marks means your skin is not in the best condition due to nutritional or environmental factors, or it’s genetic. The skin is the largest organ in your body & reflects the state of your health or your environment.

There are several treatments for preventing and removing stretch marks:

— Nutritional interventions:

Diets with adequate protein (for collagen & skin proteins), omega 3 fatty acids & antioxidant oils, lots of fruits & vegetables. You should take vitamins & minerals to support skin health including vitamin e, vitamin D, vitamin C. You can also take other supplements that support good cell metabolism & membrane condition (creatine, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L Carnatine, etc). Note that the same diet & supplements for good skin are also those recommended for good CNS & brain nutritional support. Vitamin D is important if you have stretch marks or other skin continuity issues as it supports a class of substances called ceramides, which are needed to form good intercellular bonds.

— Dermaceuticals:

You can also apply skin nutrition topically. Dermaceuticals are serums & lotions with ingredients that have good transdermal properties & can be directly applied to skin to treat skin as well as be absorbed into the bloodstream. Things you can apply to skin to aid in stretch marks include skin metabolism & function support, which includes (1) topical lotions & serums containing vitamins & supplements listed above. One way to promote collagen & other protein production cell metabolism, is to (2) support skin cell ATP: apply CoQ10, creatine, & collagen serums. Nivea Q10 Plus is the only line I know of that includes ATP support for skin with both CoQ10 & Creatine, but if you’re working out & have creatine in the house, it’s easy to add creatine to CoQ10 lotions yourself. Nivea also has a men’s line of skin care that contains CoQ10 & creatine (3) The Strivectin line of products is a medically prescribed cream, also available over the counter, that contains peptides to stimulate collagen growth for stretch mark treatment, as well as a good proprietary vitamin B based ingredient & other skin conditioners. Stivectin SD is very effective, but expensive. (4) Another set of peptides with medical community uses include copper peptides, for wound healing, scars & stretch marks.

— Non-surgical skin treatments for scars & stretch marks:

• laser resurfacing
• RF fractioning
• LED Red Light/Near-Infrared light therapy
• Microneedling

— Traditional/ethnobotanical treatments for skin conditioning & tightening

• frankincense, myrrh oil (skin tightening, anti-inflammatory, conditioning)
• rose hip seed, olive, avocado, argan or jojoba oils (contain skin conditioning fatty acids)
• roman chamomile, geranium rose, otto rose, bergamot oils (cosmetic skin treatment herbal remedies)
• lavendar oil (multiple anti-inflammatory properties)