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NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizing Face Wash – Helps Prevent Dry Tight Skin – 5 fl. oz. Tube?

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11th Sep 2020

I’m not too familiar with the term ‘cleanser’ but I believe it’s judt the preferred term for face wash in North America? In which case you might be confusing it with this. That one I believe is a cleanser (daily use) opposed to the first one which is meant to exfoliate so only 3x a week.

I have both of them and have been using them for years pre-minox. The first one I linked has tiny blue beads to in to exfoliate and scrub away dead skin. It is not a clear gel. I don’t know if it would be sufficiently strong for you, but I found it ‘stronger’ than Bulldog/L’Oreal equivalents in the same price range.