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NIVEA FOR MEN Original Moisturizing Face Wash 5 oz?

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21st Apr 2018

Has anyone used this product? Or have any remarks regarding the ingredients? I gave it a try last night and it felt great on my face (felt like the hydroboost moistuzier honestly) and my face is very red but aloe seems to help sooth it. Seemed to work ok…I just wonder if I have anything to be concerned about.
I had been using CeraVe foaming but it seems to be harsh, but it does remove my sunscreen! As opposed to CeraVe hydrating…which I love the feel of, but it never removed all of my sunscreen.

Thanks for any input


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19th Sep 2017

Personally, the only gel I’ve used was the Nivea men moisturizing face wash. I always had dry skin and thought this “moisturizing” facewash was the way to go, it was cheap and my face felt “clean” read: shiny and tight. I was very wrong.

I try to stay away from gel washes as they are not typically ph balanced or foam up too much, which causes excessive drying.

I shave every other day and try to shave at night to save time in the morning (I like my sleep). I tend to wash my face after shaving, not really any rhyme or reason to it, just my preference.

The most important parts: get a face wash that doesn’t dry out your face and is pH balanced. CeraVe and Cetaphil are very popular and pretty much available everywhere.

Another bit of information: make sure you are absolutely always wearing sunscreen every day. There’s no change from day to day, but over years, the sun will cause premature aging and sun spots to form. Look for a sunscreen that you like, I use Nivea as it does not leave a white cast, washes off easily and is SPF 50+ although it is only available if bought overseas or through Amazon. Other popular ones include Elta MD, CeraVe, Neutrogena, Biore, Cetaphil.

Hope this helps!