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1st Feb 2017

Hello r/AsianBeauty ! Long time lurker looking to implement more AB products into my routine. I am 22F with combination oily skin with dry spots on my cheekbones. I developed a routine half a year ago with the help from r/SkincareAddiction sidebar information. The skincare products I use at the moment seem to work for me short-term; my face feels soft and refreshed after use, but after I wake up or get home from work the oil appears to have accumulated.

I am mostly looking for foam cleanser recommendations. My current cleanser (Cleansing Story) was purchased from Marshall’s and I do not live near stores that carry many AB products. I am also trying to transition from the Neutrogena to an AB cleanser.

I would greatly appreciate any pointers, tips, or recommendations. The AB routine seems really intimidating and I would like to start with 1 or 2 products. There is also a huge list of websites to order from and I am overwhelmed by the unfamiliar sites, products, and effectiveness. Which product(s) would be a good starting point for beginners? I have only ever used TonyMoly, Cleansing Story, and Face Shop (face masks) but am more than willing to try different brands. I am also on a budget, so products less than $25 are ideal. Thank you in advance!

Skin Type: Oily | Country/Climate I’m in: US/Cold snowy winter | Top Skin Concern: Oil control & breakouts

Current Routine/Products I’m Using:



TL;DR: AB newbie looking for a beginner-friendly foaming cleanser for oily skin. Product & brand recommendations are greatly appreciated. Also poor so less than $25 D: