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9th Jun 2016

I need some help routine troubleshooting! I have dry/sensitive skin, usually I don’t break out too much – I get isolated pimples on my cheeks/forehead occasionally (which I’ve figured out is mostly because I have a tenedency to rest my head in my hands while I’m working/studying). Anyway, I started with the beginner routine and modified a little bit, I’ve been using my current routine for probably 6 or 8 months – nothing is new except for the face wash, but issues started happening before I changed face washes.

Anyway problems: 1) I’ve started getting closed comedones on my forehead, just above my left eye. 2) My skin has basically stopped getting better and I’m noticing that I’m breaking out more frequently. Is it hormonal because I’m getting old? No idea. 3) I still have a good bit of texture on my skin that looks really cruddy under my makeup.

Other general questions – suggestions as to things to add? I’ve found that I can’t use glycolic acid things – my skin just doesn’t agree with it at all.

What I do currently


  • 2% salicylic acid wipes (Clearisil)
  • moisturizer (CVS version of CeraVe PM)
  • Plus I shower in the AM so I hit my face with some water while I’m at it


  • Cleanse – currently using this one because I needed something to tide me over since I discovered the cleanser I was using I can’t find anywhere anymore.
  • Toner – currently using this one
  • Exfoliate w/ Pond Rejuveness (8% lactic acid)

And I use a BP spot treatment when I need it (Zapzyt, or something).