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6th Oct 2016

Question about routine addition and products:

I purchased the following cleanser and moisturizer/spf. My original intention was to use the cleanser every morning in the shower, and moisturizer right after I got out.

I also wanted to add a chemical exfoliant to the routine, to maybe apply 2/3x a week. However, it seems that the cleanser already has salicylic acid (is this AHA or BHA?), which is itself an exfoliant. Does this mean if I were to apply this “cleanser” every day that I’m also applying an amount of exfoliant as well? How should I construct a routine consisting off cleanser (daily if necessary), exfoliant (bi-weekly to start), and moisturizer/spf? What new products should I buy, if any?

And regarding the moisturizer, it seems to be quite a small bottle and quite expensive. I wonder if the amount I apply daily is significant for the moisturizing benefit, and if so if I should purchase a different product w/ additional volume.

I have sensitive (turns red to the touch, especially triangle/T-area) and oily skin (especially triangle/T-area). Other parts of my skin are more or less normal. Thank you.