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Neoteck Super Headphone Amplifier Supports High Impedance 16-500Ω, Portable 3.5mm Audio Amp Rechargeable HiFi Earphone Amplifier Compatible with iPhones iPod MP3 MP4 Digital Player and Computer?

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18th Aug 2020

I bought some r70x from amazon for $350 because I’ve been hearing all the rave about them. I knew I would need a headphone amp so I bought the Neoteck Super Headphone Amplifier which supports up to 500 ohms, r70x is 470 so I think great. But it comes and I try to crank up the headphones but its only distorted bass (not even all the way loud.) I then used the amp with my MSR7s (Which I never needed an amp with) and was blown away with how amazing it sounded with the amp driving it. But with the R70x, no luck. So I figured I was just being cheap and spent 200 on Schiit Magnius and its the same result. I bought the 3.5mm to RCA cable and used my iphone as the input, and connected the r70x and it was the same result. No where near as loud as the the MSR7s. I am about to return the magnius and maybe the headphones too. It sucks because its a beautiful piece of hardware but it’s just not working. Is it me? Are the headphones faulty? Or am I using the wrong amps? Please help me.