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NEOSTRATA Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser Gel Facial Wash for Oily Skin with Salicylic Acid Soap-Free Fragrance-Free, 6.8 fl. oz.?

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22nd Apr 2021

Basic Info:

Product name: Clarify Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser


  • This gentle exfoliating foaming gel clarifying cleanser for oily skin with Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Glycerin, Castor Oil, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Polyhydroxy Acid to prevent breakouts & smooth skin as a pore cleaner & blackhead remover
  • NeoStrata Mandelic Acid Clarifying Cleanser contains a Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA), Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil, known to clarify pores, improve skin texture & clear acne. 4% PHA/AHA (Mandelic Acid (AHA), Salicylic Acid (BHA) & Gluconolactone (PHA))
  • For both men & women, this soap-free, foaming face cleanser gently exfoliates skin, clears acne, removes blackheads, claryifies pores and removes makeup while hydrating skin; Gluconolactone slightly gentler on skin than lactic acid or glycolic acid
  • With key formulations of Mandelic Acid for moisturizing & clearing complexion, Salicylic Acid for deep cleaning & Tea Tree Oil for acne, this anti aging face wash is known to lightly exfoliate without over drying skin’s protective moisture barrier
  • Use this face wash daily, in the morning & at night, on acne-prone, oily skin, normal skin; apply to wet skin, massage to develop foam & rinse thoroughly with water to reduce acne, refine pores & remove blackheads; Size: 6.8 fl oz / 200 ml

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