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NeoCell Super Collagen Type I & III + Vitamin C – 360 Tablets?

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7th Nov 2017

tried the powder, can’t do it. i use these supps and take on an empty stomach!

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13th May 2012

Well to some extent, the “Keto Induction” phase is a bitch.

Since your body literally doesn’t have enough mitochondria in your brain, and bacteria in your gut to power your body correctly.

But like they said, water, salt, potassium.
Even scientific studies say you need extra of that.


Heck, I’d go one further and get something like this:

And get a multivitamin, fish oil, type 1 and 3 collagen (I have one which also has vitamin C in it),

And maybe a cheap antihistamine if you need it, like loratadine.