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9th Jan 2021

I used to have the exact same problem and I went through so many different products before I found what works. I tried that Oxy acne stuff, which just made it worse. Then I tried Differen gel, which also made it worse. I also tried various salicylic acid face washes and different moisturizers. Eventually, I started using natural stuff. This approach doesn’t work for everybody, it all depends on one’s personal skin type and stuff, but if you have bad reactions to the stuff other people suggest, I really recommend the following products:





This is all I use in my skincare routine now. Wash and moisturize with this every morning and every night. I switch between the pink soap and the bentonite soap to keep my face from getting too used to any one product and it not work anymore. I take 2 collagen pills in the morning and 2 at night. There are a lot of collagen face masks and stuff out there, but don’t buy them. The collagen molecules are too big to sink into pours, but if you ingest it then your body can use it to repair skin. According to my research, a lot of models and celebrities take marine (NOT beef, get marine) collagen and that’s the actual “beauty secret” of Hollywood. If you’re interested in the science of it, it’s really easy to Google and very interesting stuff.

My cystic acne used to be so bad it hurt to smile, but now I literally never get cystic acne unless I get depressed and don’t wash my face or shower for a whole week. My acne started when I was 14, I’ve been doing this routine since I turned 17 and I’m about to turn 18 this month so it’s worked for almost a whole year so far. I never went to a dermatologist because my family doesn’t have the money, but I hope this helps.