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Need Small Desk 31 1/2″ No Assembly Foldable Writing Table,Sturdy and Heavy Duty Folding Computer Desks for Small Space.Perfect Addition to Home Office/Dormitory AC5BB-P2(8040)?

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9th Oct 2020

Long story short: I bought this desk to work at home, but it’s just a bit too high (29.25″) to set my keyboard on, even when I have my adjustable chair at the highest level. Because it is collapsible, you can’t attach a traditional keyboard tray because it would run straight into the leg supports.

Instead of a) buying a new desk or b) buying a new chair, I had the brilliant idea to somehow connected a spare Ikea shelf that’s been lying around (a piece of wood, that is). It measures 23″ x 9.5″ and is about 3/4.”

I can rest it on my knees, but that isn’t very comfortable for an entire day, and it probably not the greatest idea in terms of ergonomics, which in the end is what I’m going for.

So my proposed solution is to use a pair of… some kind of dual ended/reverse/adjustable wood clamp that I can tighten around the desktop facing one way, then, with another attached clamp facing the other way, tighten onto the piece of wood.

It’s possible something like this simply does not exist, but I figured I’d consult the great minds here. Ideally this would be something that I could remove on the weekends, or whenever I’d prefer to not have this Jerry-rigged set up visible.

I’ve attached a terrible drawing of what I imagine this item would look like. I’d need two, presumably, unless the clamps were very wide. The tough thing is the two clamps on each item would need to be pretty close. I only want to the typing surface to be 2, maybe 3 inches at most lower.