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Need Small Computer Desk 39.4 inches Sturdy Writing Desk for Small Spaces, Small Desk Teens Desk Study Table Laptop Desk, Black, AC3-10060-CB?

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11th Mar 2020

I did my own “Work from home” setup in my room as well when our company rolled out remote work options. I didn’t have an allowance but I put most of it together for less than $700 I think.

Desk from amazon here. It was just $70 but I’ve been using it since August and it is perfect. Good width, good depth, good height. And because my monitor is mounted I have the full desk space.

Monitor Stand to Vesa Mount my monitor

Desk pad for aesthetics and comfort

27 LG Monitor with USB C & 4k

Surge Protector

Under desk cable management tray

Because this desk is in my bedroom and my monitor is mounted on the swivel, I basically can swing the monitor arm to face my bed as well and watch tv laying in bed, which I didnt previously have a tv in my bedroom. I use a firestick HD for this. Very happy with the set up!