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Need Computer Desk 55 inches Computer Table Writing Desk Workstation Office Desk, AC1BB-140?

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14th May 2018

IDK if you need a new desk, just less shit on it would go along way.

Try going to wally world or the equivalent and buying a decent book shelf to help get some of the clutter off the desk. Put it near or touching the desk if you want your clutter near by still. You’re space will feel much more usable not knocking shit over every time you reach for something.

Also I see you have an Amazon desk now, if you’re looking for around the same price, and dead set on a bigger desk, go back to Amazon. I am currently waiting on a 55″ desk/table from them. I was struggling to find something with no or minimal lip on the bottom, but managed to get exactly what I was looking for.

55" desk I bought . Now if needed, I could easily buy another one, and extend the desk or make it a L desk. But I really think 55″ top will be enough for homing my screen, keyboard/mouse, speakers, and laptop.