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Neck Roll Pillow with Blue Shredded Foam Filling for Sleeping or Support – Breathable Cylinder Round Cushion – Comfortable Cervical Pillow – Washable Cover – Bonus Bamboo Cover + Bag of 150g Foam?

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10th Dec 2021

I’m a massage therapist and which pillow to buy is by far the question I get asked the most. With the caveat that there is no pillow that’s perfect for every single person, I think I’ve found the one that comes closest.

shredded memory foam bolster

If you’re a side sleeper it fills up the space between your neck and shoulder, plus it doesn’t push up the top half of your head in a weird way. If you’re a back sleeper it conforms perfectly to your neck and allows a natural neck curve without squishing up against the back of your head. If you’re a stomach sleeper, stop that. It’s terrible for your spine.

The shredded memory foam is soft but not too squishy. It’s customizable if necessary. I actually have a thin down pillow under mine for a little head support but most clients don’t need one.

The exact one I bought isn’t on Amazon rn and the link above is “cooling” shredded memory foam which some people think stinks. So I would search for the non blue kind if you know that’s gonna bother you.