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30th Jul 2021

Personally these wouldn’t be for me because they still have a wire and are in ear. Laying with earbuds in can cause damage with ear wax build up, infections due to moisture and they are a strangulation hazard (however unlikely that may seem)

I use a pair of Bluetooth headphones (headphones) which lay flat against my ears and reduce (not completely remove) the likelihood of ear damage.

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1st Jun 2021

I ordered these from Amazon last year and haven’t looked back since. They are really comfy and as a side sleeper, my ears don’t hurt any more. There are loads on Amazon, think I searched sleep headphones.

My only issue is that my forehead does get a little sweaty but I’m a very hot sleeper like a radiator.

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13th Mar 2022

I’ve been trying so hard to type up a decent comment but I’m having a really bad brain day, so here’s a string of words and a link to a product that has really helped me: amazon link

It used to take me 2-5 hours as well and I was headed for flat-out despair, but I managed to make being in bed enjoyable again. Now I tell myself “I’m going to listen to podcasts in bed” instead of “I’m going to sleep”. That really helps. Also, if possible, allow yourself a budget to make your bedroom nice. Pillow, sheets, pyjamas, nightlight. Sleep is a basic human need, you don’t have to sell yourself short in any way to achieve it.

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10th Jun 2021