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Natural Comfort Allergy-Shields 300TC Micro Gel Queen Allergy Free Filled Pillow, 40-Ounce, Set of 2?

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19th Jun 2015

you should check out natural comfort, i haven’t tried their stuff myself but i know that their alternative down comforter gets rave reviews — a lot of people even say they like it better than actual down.

as for shoes… i personally use vintage leather shoes, because i don’t want to spend my money on new products, it’s so wasteful. i know a lot of vegans would disagree, but i would MUCH rather buy something used than buy a pair of new shitty fake leather vegan shoes that break in less than a year… you can find super cheap used shoes on ebay for like 10 bucks that will last you for years. but yeah, i will most likely get extremely downvoted for this. whatever