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14th Oct 2017

Injured around 8months ago my lower back on a new PR (attempted 4plate deadlift). Went to university sport doctors – sacroillitus. Then told have spongolitis. Hit up PT. For months insane back pain. Finally the pain is gone. Both of my PTs are off the hook and normally just look after varisity athlete but have said my powerlifting days are over. NO 1rep maxes anymore. Basically 8reps, which is fine for bodybuilding. However, up until now i was not allowed to squat or deadlift. PT says its okay to slowly bring it back in but super slow as if i JUST started my lifting career and doctors said NO heavy lifting at all. It is pretty easy according to teh PT. Lift, Track and if the back gets pissed off no more this or that. I wanted to grab a lifting belt – as stupid as it looks for me at the low fucking weight that i lift now but i never used one and think some support might help with my condition. I dont need anythign fantastic bc i wont be pushing big weight anymore, my question is.. do you see anything worng with this belt cheap belt I really do not wnat to give up lifting and this is the only way i can continue doing it – by looking like a little bitch with the tiny weights and running a split … ill never be big. Then again… are we ever big enough