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Mueller QuickBrew Smooth Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Maker 47 oz, Dripper Iced Coffee Brewer Maker with Adjustable Water Flow, Stainless Steel Filter, Borosilicate Glass Carafe?

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1st Jun 2021

Use something like this, add coffee to the inner filter up to about an inch from the top of the screen. Add water slowly, careful to allow all of the coffee inside the filter to soak (otherwise it’ll float suddenly and can spill out). Add water until about the same level as the coffee. Place in fridge.

For best results, swish or mix every 12 hrs or so, drink once it’s gotten to the desired strength. Usually I’ll have a pitcher brewing once a week and another to store any that’s ready-to-drink.

Finer grain will steep faster, but can clog the mesh, so don’t overdo the grind. Cheers!