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MRX Powerlifting Leather Belt 4″ Wide 10mm Thickness Training Fitness Back Support Bodybuilding Belts with Steel 2 Prong Buckle Pink (Medium)?

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22nd May 2018

You should get one if you want one, but only after learning how to brace properly so it actually serves a purpose. Even then it’s totally up to your discretion when you wanna use it imo. My husband never uses a belt, even during 1RM tests, and makes progress with no injuries. I use a belt all the time on my working sets on DL/squat days because it helps build abdominal pressure that keeps my form on point. It’s mostly preference, but most people at my gym that I’ve talked to about it feel like they can move more weight with it (me included!) But if you’re like my husband and don’t feel the need for it because your bracing is better than mine then get down with ya bad self. I’ve seen a handful of people on /r/powerlifting that competed without a belt for one reason or another and did just fine!

Alan thrall did a super great video on this explaining the reasoning behind it. It would be a good idea to invest in a cheapo one to see if it might help you move more weight for competitions if nothing else. I have this beltthat is totally affordable and still holding up after a year and a half of abuse. You could also try a velcro belt out for 10-20 bucks on amazon just for training to decide if its worth investing in!