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Mr. Heater F271380 MH85QFAV Forced Air Propane Heater?

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12th Nov 2020

Disclaimer before the internet lawyers jump al over me: No Liability assumed do your own research on the health effects of propane heaters and indoors. I am only telling you what I use.

I have one of these for very cold days to cut the major cold out of the garage. I run it to get the garage up to around 55-60 degrees with the door cracked open about a foot and a half.

Mr Heater

Then I have one of these so I can maintain the temps and keep it around 65 (my comfort zone in the shop) with the door closed. I have the adapter to use a full size propane bottle with it. I have a 40 Pound for the upper heater and 25 pound for this little one.

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