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Mr. Heater Double Tank-Top Propane Heater – 8,000-28,000 BTU, Model# MH24T?

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20th Dec 2011

Thanks! Very helpful info. I had no idea a wood stove would be illegal in a garage, but a little research shows that you are right about that. As an aside, I do currently keep solvents and other flammables in the garage, but was planning on moving them in case I went forward with this project.

But now that it appears to be against code, I won’t do it. I want to add nothing to the house that would hinder its sale if I needed to get it sold quickly.

That out of the way, what would you do to heat that space? One of these gadgets? This is a 1-car garage…at a guess it’s 300 square feet and is not used to house cars. Neither the house nor the garage has natural gas service, and electric heat is so damn expensive.