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Mr. Coffee HotCup Single Serve/Pod Free Coffee Maker?

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3rd Jan 2021

It’s probably worth contacting Sboly about the issue if it’s strong and persistent. If they can’t help, I would just return it and look for something else.

I can’t really help with other machine options; I actually have a shitty walmart k-cup machine we got on clearance, but not sure I’d recommend it to anyone and it definitely won’t manage 14oz brews 🙃 no nasty taste or smell though.

Maybe this Mr. Coffee? Never used it, but I have one of their cheaper 12-cup machines and it’s solid. Uses filters instead of k-cup pods, should still be easy to clean up (just toss the filter)

If you don’t find anything you like, you could try a Hario Switch or a Clever Dripper, both single-cup manual options that are easy to use and clean (switch is glass and a bit nicer, but limited to about 7-8 oz. vs 18 for the large size Clever.) With an electric kettle you’ll probably spend around $50-60 there, so similar cost to your Sboly.