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9th Jun 2021

this is like the basic coffee maker, everyone’s had one of these in their house at some point. In fact I still have an older one because it still works. They get fancy but whatever.

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27th Apr 2021

Oh dear. You’ve not been drinking coffee. You’ve been drinking something brown spewed by a Keurig, heh.

There’s pour over, grinding your own (INFINITELY BETTER) but start here — just a plain drip machine.


Then go to a market and get a lb of coffee that you can grind there. Even Trader Joe’s has the grinders, most markets do, because they sell a lb of beans, you open, pour in the machine, put the container under the spout, get fresh-ground.

It’s cheaper than a Keurig by far. A lb of decent beans can be had for <$10 and makes 50-100 cups or more, depending on size, strength…

You’re also producing way less waste. Also it’s so much better. SO much.

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29th Mar 2019

I’ve since switched over to a single cup brewer, but we had a Mr. Coffee 12-cup for over 10 years that worked flawlessly. Also bought one to use when I worked in a factory, and it was the only one that stood up to all the paper dust, dirt, and other icky things in the air.


^(Also, I’m trying to go through a massive pile of coffee beans and K cups, so the only coffee related item I have on my wishlist at the moment is a new storage drawer for my K cups and other supplies that is under the Kitchen list.)

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20th Dec 2017

> Not only do I not like the taste

Nobody likes the taste of coffee at first.
Nobody likes the taste of beer at first either.
Same with Champagne, red wine, and many vegetables.

But we consume them anyway for health or social reasons.

> I don’t want to get hooked on caffeine because I know it’s like a drug.

Well, let’s split the hair a little. Caffeine IS a drug – period.
But you’ll need to either consume quite a bit of it consistently, for quite a period of time (weeks) to develop an addiction that actually impacts your body as you describe — OR you’ll need to have a body & brain that is especially susceptible to the effects of caffeine.

> It’s expensive

Negative. False. Untrue.

StarBucks or Caribou or Peet’s coffee prepared for you by a Barista is expensive. You are paying for their labor.
But an entire pot of 12 cups of regular coffee costs about a dollar in materials.

MOST colleges permit a simple coffee pot in the dorm rooms, or in the common rooms adjacent to the dorms.

Amazon: Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee pot $17
Amazon: 700 Coffee Filters $9
Amazon: Folgers Coffee – 30oz – 240 cups $6.50

That’s about $34 of start-up costs to access 240 fluid cups of coffee.

Your typical coffee mug is maybe 16oz which is 2 fluid cups.

So that $6.50 bucket of coffee will fill your mug about 120 times. $6.50/120 = $0.05 per mug of coffee – not including the costs of the coffee pot or filters.

You can probably procure sweeteners (sugar packets) from the student cafeteria on the down-low.
Creamer packets can probably be procured the same way, Milk by the gallon isn’t terribly expensive if you have someplace to store it.

> depending on something like caffeine isn’t my thing

I can’t help you here. This is a personal lifestyle choice that you need to choose for yourself.
I’ll offer this observation: Caffeine is probably the most widely used & socially accepted “drug” on the planet.
After water, tea is probably your most popular drink globally, and most tea has some caffeine in it.

> I would hate to get a headache every day I don’t drink it.

This is pretty uncommon and is not, IMO something terribly likely to happen unless your body & brain are particularly sensitive.
Upon review of the costs involved, most people decide there isn’t much reason NOT to have a cup or three of coffee every day.

At $0.05 per 16oz mug, we’re in the same cost range as kool-aid powder.

> But is it possible to get through college without resorting to caffeine?

Sure. Drinking cold water can have a similar “wakening” effect and if you add the occasional walk around the building to keep your body & mind stimulated you can keep yourself awake to continue studying. Or you can manage your time and conduct all of your studying during the day to reduce the number of hours in the night & evenings you need to study, thus reducing the requirement to keep yourself awake.

Some of things are harder to do in reality than they might sound at first, but it’s all possible.

The trick or the allure of caffeine comes down to convenience.

Taking a hot bath or a hot shower can do wonders for a moderately strained muscle.
Taking a shower requires 30 minutes of effort, where a full soaking bath can take up to an hour.
Or you can pop two ibuprofen and start feeling relief in a similar amount of time and not have to stop doing whatever you are doing.

If you’ve been studying too long and you’re losing focus or if it’s too late at night and you’re falling asleep – you can certainly stop what you’re doing and go take a walk outside for 10-15 minutes to wake yourself back up. But that 15 minute walk might consume 30 minutes of study-time with all the getting dressed / undressed and travel time to exit the building added in.

Coffee doesn’t care what the weather is outside. Coffee doesn’t care if you are rocking your sweatpants again today.
It takes 5 minutes to setup a pot of coffee and another 10 minutes to complete the brew cycle.
Once brewed, you have hot coffee for about two hours before it starts to taste overcooked/burnt/old and you should consider a fresh pot.

Caffeine will stimulate your brain even if you’re not sleepy.
If you just need extra focus to power through a particularly complex or boring topic caffeine can help.

I applaud your concerns for what you put in your body.
But I think you might be over-thinking this one.
Your body – your decision, obviously.

Inexpensive Test Run:

Buy a ~16oz cup of regular coffee from the fancy place on campus every day for three days, right after breakfast.
That’s probably a medium size cup, and should cost you just over $1.00
Ask them to leave room for milk in the cup. Add 1-2 sugar packets and a splash of regular milk.
Half-and-Half has an even creamier / sweeter taste, but adds considerable fat & calories to the equation.

Don’t order the vanilla mocha chino frappe deluxe sprinkle monster. That’s $6.50 and contains 300 calories.

Starbucks Calorie Chart

Ask for a “light roast” one day. Try a “dark roast” another day.

The lighter roasts tend to be a smoother, more gentle flavor but actually tend to contain more caffeine.
Darker roasts tend to have a stronger, more powerful flavor, but generally slightly less caffeine.

That’s a $3-4 experiment to see how your body reacts to caffeine.

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30th Jul 2021

This will be an amazing and affordable place to start. Go to your closest grocery store and buy ground coffee (maybe start with medium roast and see how you like it). Then you’ll put water in the side of the machine, followed by a coffee filter and then grounds into the basket with the filter in it. The machine linked will use round white paper filters and you’ll want to dump the used filter full of grounds between each use. Turn the machine on, and have hot coffee every morning!

Here is a good video showing the whole process!

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16th Dec 2021

This is what I use: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B002YI2IG0/

I keep a spare in the basement, lol. I suspect at some point they may discontinue them.

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16th Dec 2021
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black$29.984.4/5.0



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11th Nov 2021
Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black$38.41$38.414.4/5.0



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11th Nov 2021

Well, a BUNN keeps a hot water supply in reserve, for when you get that caffeine jones. It’s fast, well built, but I doubt it’ll make it more than 5-10 years because of the thermal cycling or the water reserve, and high heat stress, lime build up, wear and tear, etc.


The said, they are the CAT’S ASS for making brew when you gotta fix that fucking caffeine DT on short notice. 😉 Which is why people spend the big bucks. Its worth every damned penny not to have to wait the extra 5 minutes brew time. Just hit the fucking button and GO!!!


Otherwise, you can get like an 12 cup Mr Coffee on amazon for like $30.. https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Coffee-12-Cup-Maker-Black/dp/B002YI2IG0 I got mine on sale for like $25. The design has been idiot proof since the 80s, they improved the ease of assembly, and improved some of the steal a cup while its running stuff. You can’t go wrong with one of these. You’ll get maybe 5-8 thousand running hours out of it it. More if you change out the thermal switches and power switches when they get sketchy.

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30th Jul 2021

okay, all perfectly reasonable questions in my opinion.

coffee is cheapest as drip coffee from a machine. It’ll taste best freshly ground and with quality coffee beans.

instant coffee is not typically very good. However, it is easy. it dissolves when you put in water, so literally hot water however you heat it, and packet in, stir, drink. It’s not like tea and you don’t really need to worry about anything. The ratio isn’t super important but if you use less water than needed (~75%) it might be better. There’s no special kind that needs milk, some people just prefer to use milk for more flavor – some instant coffee comes with milk and sugar so check the box to see if it says that. You can’t use it in a coffee machine.

The easiest coffee machine is a 30 buck one from target or walmart – probably a mr coffee brand one, they tend to be reliable for coffee in face in morning. You want a drip filter machine – something like this DON’T buy a keurig. they’re not worth it. If you’re looking for just a cup, an aeropress may be a good idea, but I would start with a cheap drip machine.

coffee machines get a filter in them, like this. The machine will say what kind of filters it takes. You put coffee grounds in there – about a tablespoon per mug of coffee, plus one or two more overall. a 12 cup coffee maker makes about 60oz, so for a full pot, use 13 tablespoons. (this is a lot of coffee).

For shapes, coffee comes in whole bean, preground, or pods. the regular coffee is bean or preground – it comes in a soft bag. pods come in a box and are labelled keurig. You want the former. Preground is powdered coffee beans, looks like dirt. beans are tastier and get ground into powder for brewing, but you need a grinder for that – a blender won’t work, you need specific grinders for that. You can look up more on that, but I would start with preground cups and what not are for convenience but taste bad.

I would go to the coffee shop you like and buy a bag of something preground. put 5 tablespoons in the coffee maker filter, put 20 ounces of hot water in the water reservoir in the machine, close the top and hit brew.

caffeine tolerance – This depends on you, just like any drug. Caffeine is a psychoactive substance – it can affect your mind. it’s not dangerous and you don’t need to avoid it. but you should generally shouldn’t be dumb. 3 to 4 servings, (a serving is 1 shot of espresso, 1 5oz strong cup of black coffee, etc) per day will be fine for you until you have a tolerance. You may pee a lot and get anxious if you drink too much, and dangerous overdose on regular coffee is probably 3 or 4 full pots. A large adult man with a high caffeine tolerance can probably drink a pot a day without issue (60oz). At one point in college i was 5’4” and 150 pounds and I could drink 3 espresso shots without feeling it. Diluting coffee will add more liquid / slow how quickly you ingest it, but you will still consume the same amount if you dilute a cup or don’t if you start with the same amount.

Energy drinks are different, and 5 hour energy and other high dose products can be dangerous if you drink too many.

Sugar is done in packets, about a small spoonful. In general, you don’t need more than 2 max per serving, generally one on average. it depends on your preference – just try different things and decide what you like.

feel free to ask questions, don’t go too fast, and remember that the best coffee is coffee you like the way you like it.

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25th Feb 2021

I’m kind of wondering if I can buy this dumb coffee maker, pair it with a HomeKit smart plug, could I then use the ikea shortcut button to start brewing coffee?

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3rd Nov 2019


Mine runs on a Samsung smartthings plug. I also have it hooked up to a smartthings button to start it (and shut it down an hour later) a double tap of the button will shut it off asap.