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MPF Products 2200mAh NTA2479 Battery Replacement Compatible with Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 1st Generation 984-000006 & 984-000005 Portable Compact Speaker Dock for iPod?

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16th Oct 2015

Well, I have been trying to find the battery on ebay and amazon. No luck. I called the pwsstore and the guy was willing to waive the handling fee, but was having an issue locating the item. I poked around amazon and found this:


It’s not the exact specs, but close. I just need to change the pin order. I’ll let you know how it goes.

On a side note. I was able to use a standard li-ion battery to bypass the “no battery” message. But it did not fully boot. I think it was because I was using a lower amp cord. I bought it used on ebay and it came without a cord and battery. I got the replacement cord on ebay. So I am hoping to have this thing running in the next couple of weeks. I wish I would have just bought a used one with all the parts. I really did not think this was going to be such a hassle.