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Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Frame – Motorized Sit Stand Desk Base with Programmable, Memory and Timer Function LED Touch Control – Dual Motor Height Adjustable Workstation – Steel Base, White?

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30th May 2017

Thank you for posting this. I’m considering buying a second standing desk, and this helps.

This Monoprice desk is also $341.33 shipped to Virginia, if you use the MONTH20 coupon advertised on the top of their site.

The Autonomous.ai business edition (which I love) DIY Kit (frame only, like the Monoprice one), looks almost identical and is $349.00 + $39.00 shipped (with a referral discount of $25 (easy to find), only $363.00 shipped).

Monoprice is claiming ~5-15 days quicker shipping than Autonomous.ai (depending on color).

Monoprice is pretty good about honoring their warranties – at least with my experience on 3d printers. I’d be comfortable expecting them to stand behind the desk working for the 1 year. Autonomous.ai offers 5 years on the dual-motor model (1 year on the single), but I don’t have any idea how well they will handle any claims.

Also, if you want to just go for $300 and free fast shipping, Amazon has this one Prime and claims next day delivery (to my house, anyway): https://smile.amazon.com/Mount-Electric-Adjustable-Ergonomic-MI-7930/dp/B01MXTWQ86/

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4th May 2020

I ordered this one through amazon. It seemed the only moderately affordable dual-motor frame that I could get in a reasonable amount of time for a reasonable (for dual motor) amount of money.

I’m fairly happy with it. Goes up. Goes down. Surprisingly stable. I also purchased this cross support, but haven’t even opened it, and will probably return it.