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Motospeed CK104 Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches,LED RGB Backlit 104 Keys Gaming USB Wired Keyboard with 9 Kinds Light 50 Million Keystrokes for PC& Typist (CK104 Blue)?

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10th Oct 2019

I had a similar budget and found that the mechanical keyboards from the top tier brands are too expensive. I turned to Aliexpress and found some pretty decent options there. Motospeed Inflictor CK104 is available on Amazon for around 13K while if you have the patience, you can find it for pretty cheap (~2.5k-4K) on Aliexpress. You only have to wait long for it to be delivered. That’s the only con. It has anti-ghosting, decent RGB lighting and effects and has a pretty nice weight to it. It feels pretty solid and you can customize the switches

I am using this keyboard daily and it is pretty solid. You can have a look at the reviews for this model as well. It is bang for the buck. Memchinal

As for the mouse, I use a Razer Naga Trinity, but have used Steelseries Sims 3 which I got from Amazon for Rs500. It was pretty solid for the price and had RGB effects too. I don’t know if you will be able to buy one right now.

I am not sure which mouse you should go for, but I am sure with that keyboard, you will not be disappointed. One of my friends bought the same keyboard upon my recommendation and he never regretted this decision.