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Moon Landing XDA Profile PBT 121 165 Keys Dye Sub Dye Sublimated Keycap Set Suitable for ANSI MX Switches Mechanical Keyboard (Only Keycap) (165 Keys Edition)?

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23rd Mar 2022

The Lily58 has a similar layout to the Keebio Iris. I bought my kits from Boardsource. The LL4148 surface mount diodes are tiny and can be tricky to solder, but the hot swap sockets are pretty easy to solder.

I recommend visiting https://compare.splitkb.com/ and printing out the outline for keyboards you are interested in and see if you feel comfortable with the layouts.

I tried DSA and XDA keycaps. I like them both, but I like XDA just a little bit more.

I currently own two Lily58 keyboards. One has YMDK Moon Landing XDA keycaps. The other has Drop + MiTo XDA Canvas keycaps. The Canvas set was missing a couple of keycaps that I have on my base layer, so I had to supplement it with a different Canvas set someone was selling on r/mechmarket.

The Lily58 has 1.5u thumb keys. Neither keycap set included these, so I bought G20 keycaps from PimpMyKeyboard. You can get any color you want. I have RBH red with my Canvas keycaps and RCB purple with the Moon Landing keycaps. I think they look nice.

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11th Nov 2021

I have Drop + MiTo XDA Canvas keycaps. The ortho kit is $75. I really like it.

I also have these Godspeed knockoff XDA keycaps. They cost $55, but they aren’t quite the same shape as the Canvas keycaps. I like the Canvas keycaps better.

PMK is my go-to place for DSA keycap sets. You will need to buy the English alpha kit ($65) and ortho mods ($29) separately. These are more expensive, but you can build whatever color combination you want. For example, gray (GDE) alphas and red (RBH) mods.

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8th Jun 2019

The set you posted in the picture seems to have the two shift keycap sizes that you need.

Based on my research into keycap sets, the least expensive 120+ keycap sets seem to be XDA profile. I recently ordered this set, YMDK Moon Landing. I like the colorway, and the 165-key edition of it that I ordered covers every unusual keycap size that I know, except for ortholinear and ergodox key layouts. In other words, it is a rather complete keycap set.

Outside of the XDA sets, the price for 120+ keycap sets tend to start at around $100. Maxkey SA sets, which sell for $100, always include a 2u shift key and have enough 1u novelty keys to cover for a 1u shift key: for example, Maxkey Black SA.

I hope that all of this helps.