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MOOKA Air Purifier, Air Cleaner with 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter for Home and Office, Odor Allergies Eliminator for Smoke, Dust, Pets, 3 Stage Filtration, Night Light, 3-Year Warranty (Renewed)?

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17th Aug 2021
  • Triple-washed Race Horse-grade whole oats, sterilized in a pressure cooker at 15psi and inoculated by MSS ordered from the most excellent u/MillyWyco

  • Coco coir / Gypsum / Vermiculite substrate mix. The coir was bought at a pet store for reptiles, the gyp and verm at a hardware store

  • 1 larger “weather-proof” container with a seal around the edge and clasps to keep it airtight during colonization. I used a torch to create some gas exchange holes. I covered the holes with duct tape during colonization, Micropore tape during fruiting conditions.

  • 2 long tubs that fit into the larger container to actually hold the sub. I had three varieties of colonized spawn grains and decided to split the left one in the middle to accommodate. From left to right, Burma, Blue Meanies, and Albino A+

  • 1 “Mooka” Air Purifier with HEPA filter. They have many models, but this ones the most cost/space efficient. I had a serious trichoderma problem but I like to think that this HEPA filter and u/DRMyc ‘s TrichEvict product is what did the trick to rid the ick!

  • Lots of 70% ISO alcohol in a spray bottle for convenience.

  • 1 EZORKAS Indoor LED Grow Lights. Mushrooms do need light to grow towards and develop a healthy circadian rhythm, otherwise they’ll grow lopsided and shorter in theory. This light can be set in a 12 hour cycle.

  • 1 Reptile Fogger bought from the same reptile store, filled with distilled water mixed with DRmyc’s TrichEvict powder. I mist the box 2-3 times daily at 15-minutes on a timer. Fanned twice daily.

  • Reptile terrarium heat-tape to keep it at about 79-81 degrees F, along with accompanying temp/humidity sensors

It might seem like a bit much, and you’d probably be right to think that, but I work, study, and exercise from morning to night and don’t really have the time during the weekdays to sit and baby my shrooms. This set up is mostly self-regulating and is a combination of advice and info passed on to me from subs like this one after about half a year of research, trial and error. If you have any other questions, please let me know.