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Monoprice BT-300ANC Wireless Over Ear Headphones – Black with (ANC) Active Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, Extended Playtime?

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14th Nov 2020

Pickings could be slim with your criterias.

For wired:

  • Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style

I owned two of them and while the sound was good enough for me, the cheap plastic headband broke with the repeated on and off on the head. The sound still is good but either weakened side will then stick out, no home repair will fix it. Damn shame!

  • Skullcandy Riff

Never tried the but saw at the store, will last longer then the above just by looking at it. Was tested to have the same sound quality.

Perhaps your better 50£ investment:

  • Monoprice BT-300ANC Headphone

Was tested to have better than average sound qualityand looks to have the same shoddy plastic headband that will crack over time.


Better read all the 4-star reviews (less biased, more honest) if any client got that problem.

What do you think?

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15th Feb 2021

> https://www.amazon.ca/Monoprice-BT-300ANC-Wireless-Over-Headphones/dp/B07JZKJ8MR

These look good. How are the mids and vocals? I’m going to be using it for gaming and discord calls.