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Monoprice 22 inch 1080p Battery Free Pen Display Tablet, Black 5048 LPI 2048 Pressure Levels 200 RPS PC MAC?

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27th Oct 2016
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18th Jul 2016

Anybody have any experience with the latest 22″ tablet display from Monoprice?

This is the one I’m talking about. Reviews seem mostly positive, although it’s hard to know how many (if any) were paid reviews. The REALLY long positive review has been posted on other retailers sites including Monoprice’s website.

It seems great on paper, and I have the previous 19″ monitor from a few years ago. It works fine minus the color values and viewing angle, both of which are supposedly much better on this display.

Surfaceproartist.com posted a rather positive review but in the comments he says he has issues with the pressure “blowing out” too quickly and is a deal breaker for him. I had these issues with mine but fixed them easily by following this guide(slightly nsfw drawing) and I wonder if the same could be true with this tablet.

Anyway, just looking for honest opinions. Note: I’m not drawing professionally. I’d like to, but cintiqs are not an option. Thanks!

PS. Let me know if there’s a better sub I should be posting this in. I posted here because I saw a discussion about another monoprice tablet so I thought it was worth a shot.