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Monitor Audio MR2 Speakers – Walnut Finish?

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17th Oct 2016

> The TT will come with RCAs that I assume will go straight into the Phono on the receiver?


> Do I need to just buy some regular speaker wire, such as this?

Yes. One pair of wires per speaker, strip 1cm at each end and insert it into the binding post. Make sure to use the correct polarity (black with black, red with red). A nifty thing you might not know about is a chromecast audio, which would let you stream music with your phone.

Though if I may also give you some unsolicited advice, get a pair of Monitor Audio MR2s instead if you’re in the UK and are willing to shed £40 more.

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22nd Feb 2016

Having all things considered from what you and others have recommended, I think I will be going with a second pair of bookshelves on stands, more convenient with the price (I will likely only have £300 for both the Yamaha AS-501 and the new speakers) and no point going for two cheaper floor-standing speakers and having to upgrade them in years to come, just trying to get an idea of the better bookshelf speakers to buy. I could go with another pair of Nucleus 2, but I don’t want to isolate my decisions. Looking at the Q Acoustics is tempting for later speakers though. I feel like this will be an ever growing part of my hi-fi setup that I will be looking to upgrade as time goes on.

Edit; Since last looking I’ve been interested in the Tannoy Mercury V1i Bookshelves (http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ebuttonz/ebz_product_pages/tannoy_mercury_v1i.shtml?gclid=CjwKEAiA3aW2BRCD_cOo5oCFuUMSJADiIMILeSyVViqbuOVq1LnN3d4cGr7U2lxXt4T-OjLfX-a19RoCYX3w_wcB)
Also looked at the Monitor Audio MR2 bookshelves:

Got any opinions or suitable alternatives? The general opinion is that they are quite good but just wondered. 🙂