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Monitor Audio Bronze Series 1 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers – Walnut?

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2nd Nov 2020

i had this exact same problem with the waf test as well. I ended up picking the monitor audio bronze 1 for my LCR and im in love. Not only do they sound great but i far to often just catch myself staring at them as they look amazing. You can get them in white/walnut which is what you were looking for. I paid $500 for my lcr.


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26th Mar 2016

So looking at your area I see a few options, but none strike me as a great deal. However, based on your location this may be normal. I attempted to check the price of shipping from various ID sellers and shops and it seems shipping will be $100-$200 which isn’t ideal as it really hurts your buying power.

You can attempt yourself to see what the shipping is. I tried Chane’s bookshelves, HTD’s level three, Audio Advisor, and Accessories for less.

The only retailer that I could find that was reasonable shipping was of course Amazon. So here are my suggestions:

Local speakers to try:

B&W DM601

Paradigm Mini Monitor V6

If looking new:

Monitor Audio B1

I think the Paradigm or MA should be the preferred routes. The DM601 isn’t really worth it unless it’s at least a S2, if original it may be worth around $150-200. Still, nothing hurts trying to negotiate a better price on the used ones – you’ll need it on the electronics side.

Your biggest problem is finding power and cheap. If you could even find a budget Onkyo locally you will likely be ahead as shipping hurts. Otherwise you’ll looking at something like a T-Amp/DAC combo from amazon or paying ~$160 shipped to get something like this rebadged Amp 100 which doesn’t include the DAC. If your laptop has a mini-toslink there’s a Fiio DAC on Amazon for ~$20 that would work – while it isn’t USB equipped it does allow you to move it around later one being toslink/spdif. So this amplifier, the B&W speakers, and the DAC could fit in your $500 though I think the speakers are overpriced. If you could get the Paradigms for $300 the APA 100, Fiio, and them would likely be up your alley.

For all intents and purposes you could get the Monitor’s and this amp shipped for around $500 or get a slightly more powerful T-Amp like this and one of the used pairs, but I’m hesitant to recommend chi-fi T-amps considering that shipping is so expensive that return shipping for repairs/returns could really hurt.

If none of these solutions float your boat, the LSR305 in the OP and a DAC could still work as well and would fit in your budget rather easily.

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9th Aug 2020

How/why did you spend £230 for the Bronze 1s?

You can get the Bronze 2s for £189 brand new:

Or you can get the Bronze 1s for £139 brand new:

Return them ASAP and save yourself the money!