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MoKo Universal Ultra-Slim Aluminum Wireless Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard – Black?

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26th Sep 2016

I think my suface laptop setup is pretty great.
I have a moko case, that can fold different ways, and when i use it like this, there is a small strip of case sticking out past the keyboard connector area, which is the perfect size for this keyboard.
Then i have a logitech anywhere mouse to complete the setup.

At first, i thought i would miss the kickstand, with it being locked closed in the case, but i don’t miss it at all. The moko case is way better than the SP2 kickstand, and with the setup i described, it gives me pretty damn perfect mobile productivity capabilities. After i got a 3-output usb3 hub with ethernet port, and a DP to hdmi/vga/dvi adapter, i started leaving my laptop at home.

I would set it up and take a picture, but i just got a new back massager and i just can’t tear myself away from it.